Professional Insurance Associates, Inc.

We specialize in the procurement of hard to source & often impossible find medical supplies from all over the world.

Our company was established in 1984 and has factory / manufacturer direct access to the N95 & KN95 respirators, hazmat gowns, face shields, googles, booties, gloves & ventilators.  Many supplies can be shipped within 24-48 hours after fully payment received.

We Broker Deals of Many Sizes

Are you looking for medical supplies in bulk? We have disposable face masks, surgical face masks, face shields, protective gowns, safety googles and many other products.

How it works

We currently have strong relationships and representatives physically located onsite with suppliers and manufacturers in both China and Singapore.  We have millions of medical supplies available from face mask, eye shields to hazmat suits.

what is available

You can check out our inventory list here.  Prices are heavily subject to change in this complex, trying time.

How to BUY

Client submits a Letter of Intent.  Professional Insurance Associates, Inc(PIA) contacts suppliers and then offers a verbal and/or written quote.  If terms and conditions are agreed upon then client/buyer will make a wire transfer for a minimum of 50% of the total price including all shipping and Customs fees.  Once the deposit is received, PIA will secure the product and it will be shipped immediately.  Prior to shipment being loaded to it’s destination the remaining balance is due.

If you want to view the exact steps in detail click here for the PIA Ascquisition Procedures.

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