Profesional Insurance Associates, Inc.

Hello my name is Greg Cook the CEO of PIA Inc, I wanted to offer to you and your hospital network the accessed to PPE supplies that are available thru my company our firm has been in existence for over 31 years (Virginia corporation SCC ID # 03475225) located in the Washington suburbs of Northern VA, representing several medical supply companies.

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Currently, we have extremely strong relationships and representatives that are physically located onsite with suppliers and manufacturers in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

We currently have on the ground in the USA the following products/quantities 100 million 3M 1860 N95 Respirators, 250 million boxes of Nitrile powder free latex gloves, 100 thousand 16oz hand sanitizer, 20 million level 3 medical mask/ CE and FDA certified, 3 million N95 surgical mask NIOSH approved, 25 thousand protective goggles and 6000 face shields all are immediate available. Because of supply and demand, prices are subject to change without much advanced notice.

We are unique in the sourcing of PPE’s in that all of our suppliers are thoroughly vetted for their abilities to produce and deliver some of the highest quality PPE available in the world. PIA also differs, in that most of the locations, we have individuals on the ground verifying & confirming the existence of all products. In most
cases, team members are able to actually witness the manufacturing of the items we are purchasing, while being produced in the factories.

We have delivered large quantities of supplies to nonprofits, a national hospital chain and local governmental agencies. I can also offer that we are in the process of negotiating a 20 – 30 million 3M N95 masks purchase for a hospital network in Peru and 100 million 3M N95 to police, hospitals & military in Mexico and a request just received to provide 40 million 3M N95 to Bogota Columbia.

On many occasions we have been the lead consulting group sourcing/ negotiating on behalf of other suppliers when dealing with foreign countries to procure & purchase medical supplies.

We are very transparent about our capabilities, terms and conditions; along with policies & procedures to secure real products, from verified manufacturers all around the world. Note that all of our PPE supplies are FDA Certified & many are also Niosh & CE Certified. Important: all shipments are subject to US Tariffs (if applicable) & local delivery charges from the arriving airport to buyer’s address, we offer all-inclusive pricing to the buyer front door if requested, please contact the following personnel if you any questions:

Greg Cook, CEO 703-928-9428

Reginald Jones, Chief Operation Office 703-303-9308


Greg Cook, CEO

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